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Each includes 2 side dishes

Savory Grilled Chicken ( 1/2) $10.00
Marinated and slow-grilled to perfection

Stewed Conch $15.00
Tender Bahamian conch, slow-simmered in tomatoes,
vegetables and spices

Cracked Conch $15.00

Conch and slaw
Tenderized conch, seasoned and fried

Whole Fried Fish $20.00


Fried Fish Sides
Freshest snapper available, steeped in seasonings
for hours, and deep fried!

Fried Grouper Fingers $15.00
Crispy and flavorful**

Streamed Grouper Fingers $15.00
Fried, then steamed in fresh tomatoes, onions,
green peppers and spices**

Turkey Wings $12.00
Fresh wings, baked until the meat falls from the bone
with spices in a tomato-based sauce


If purchased separately

Pigeon Peas and Rice
Rice, pigeon peas, smoked turkey and more. Makes a great, healthful version of this traditional favorite! – $3.25

Vegetable of the Day
Whatever is the freshest! Could be cabbage, cauliflower, greens,
but its always good! – $2.25


Irresistible Favorites!

Conch Fritters $6.00
Bahamian conch, peppers, onions, and spices,
fried to a beautiful golden brown

Conch Salad $6.00
Tender Bahamian conch, tomatoes, onions, spices,
and lime make a great salad!

*All prices subject to market fluctuation.
**Snapper may be substituted for Grouper.